Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a major aspect of College life. At Year 12 (College) level there is the  role of Head Girl, and two students share this role, plus College Learning, Ministry, Arts and Sports Leaders, and Heads of the six Houses. These girls, plus Head and Deputy Head Boarder form the Student Council Executive. Representatives are appointed at each year level in Learning, Ministry, Arts and Sport for each House thus forming committees for each of these areas. The student Leaders meet regularly with the Head of Senior School, Senior key teachers and  six House Co-ordinators, and perform a variety of functions including running of school and House assemblies and organising a range of events including House competitions, fundraising for nominated charities and House Focus Days. In Boarding, Head and Deputy Head Boarder lead the Boarding Council under the guidance of the Head of Boarding.

Students are provided with a range of seminars and guest speakers as part of the preparation for the election process in Year 12. Voting takes place at both College and House level, and elections are run by the outgoing Student Council. Once the Year 12 student leaders are appointed they attend a 3 day Leadership Camp and the National Young Leaders’ Conference. In addition, Head and Deputy Head Girls attend the Alliance Student Leadership Seminar in one of the Eastern States capitals.

Whether elected leaders or not, all St Brigid’s students are called to be leaders and a range of other excellent opportunities exist, particularly for Peer Support Leaders in Year 11, The Altiora Gifted and Talented Programme, International Baccalaureate Leadership in Middle School, Bus Monitors, Library Monitors and Captains in the various areas of Sport and Arts.

In our Junior School, the Leadership structure involves children from Years 3 to 6. In Years 3, 4 and 5 we elect two student councillors in each Year level to represent the children in that year group. These children meet regularly with the head of Junior School to discuss and organise relevant topics in the day to day management of our school.

In Year 6, we elect a Ministry Leader, Learning Leader, Arts Leader and Sports Leader. These four leaders take on the major leadership roles in our school, particularly related to their specific area. We also elect a boy and girl from Year 6 as House Captains for each of our six Houses. Their role involves assisting with the organising and management of sporting events such as Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Carnival and Athletics Carnival.

National Young Leaders Day

Forty Two Year 11 students  attended  an exciting Young Leaders Day on Thursday  March 5 at the  Perth Convention Centre  as part of the process of developing and enhancing the skills of potential Year 12 College  leaders  for  2016.  There  were  several exceptional speakers including Josh Richards who is in the final group out  of  over 2500 people vying for selection to be sent to Mars in 2025  on a NASA project to set up a  permanent  colony of human beings ... with  no  prospect of being able to return to our planet!  WA basketball star  Nat Medhurst  and  remarkable blind  musician and adventurer Lorin Nicholson also inspired the girls with powerful insights into different dimensions of leadership.