Service Learning

Mercy in Action - Making a Difference

At St Brigid's College we take our Mercy heritage seriously and believe we must put our Christian faith into action to experience the true meaning of being Christ-like. We are proud of our Mercy Heritage which encourages us all to ‘Light the Way’ to God through our actions.

Through living our values, we believe we can show God’s loving face to all we meet by being involved in actions that benefit others as we develop new skills and confidence. This helps us to be resilient when we face disappointments and challenges.

Developing responsibility requires practice and accepting the consequence of our actions. Christian living is following Christ and living the Values of our College. Through being involved in our service learning program: Mercy in Action - Making a Difference, students in years 7 - 12 are challenged to progressively seek out an area of need in their own family, the college and wider community and to become involved.

At years 7 and 8 family members are assisted and gradually the breadth of their involvement extends to outside organisations and community groups.  By the Senior years the range of activities is broad and can include anything from child care to Soup Patrols, Clean-Up Australia to adopting senior citizens, and immersion experiences in the Kimberley and overseas. Through the experiences students gain confidence, new skills and personal satisfaction that can lead them to appreciate their own gifts and improves their resilience whilst enhancing the lives of those they serve. Students also discover the benefits associated in giving. Giving is receiving; it may not be money or material gifts, rather the appreciation and sense of satisfaction received is a true and lasting reward.