Religious Education: Years 6-9

‘We should be as the compass that goes round its circles without stirring from its centre – our centre is God, from whom all our action should spring’ (Catherine McAuley).

The Religious Education programme in the Middle School aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in the appreciation of Christ’s message. They begin to explore increasingly complex religious and social issues and gain the necessary skills to help them find the meaning of what it means to be a Christian.

The curriculum is based on the Perth Archdiocesan guidelines published by the Catholic Education Office. Students complete a number of units throughout the year which provides a strong foundation for those who have and who have not attended Catholic Primary Schools.

Year Six

  • Celebrate Jesus as Lord - As children discover they have certain talents and personal qualities. They realise gradually that this process of self-discovery is guided by Jesus

  • Come be Reconciled - As people’s appreciation of family increases, they wonder increasingly at this example of community as one way God provides for his people.

  • Empowered by the Spirit - People often know the good or the right thing to do, but sometimes lack the inner strength to do it. This is one reason Jesus shares the Holy Spirit with members of the Church he instituted.

  • God Provides for All - The unit then explores ways in which Jesus taught how to care for those in need and gave himself in the Eucharist to help people to do this.

  • Guided Through Prayer - This unit studies the ability to make moral choices, and how people can be strengthened through prayer to choose to do what is good.

  • Loving Like Jesus - As people grow older, their bodies grow and change. As this occurs, people may wonder at these changes, and at God who created their bodies to change. The unit introduces to the children ways in which Jesus always expressed love and goodness through his body.

  • Stirred Through Emotions - Emotions are an important part of life. To develop in healthy ways, emotions need to be expressed in ways that are consistent with love as modelled by Jesus.

  • Working with God - This unit explores how each of us is called by God to join in God’s work of developing the earth and the rest of creation. God creates within each person the gifts they need to contribute to God’s work in the ways God has planned for them.

Year Seven

  • Called for the Common Good - Explores ways in which communities provide for the common good of all their members (physically and spiritually).

  • Creating Individuality - Learning more about their body and God who created it.

  • Freed to live like Jesus - Explores ways in which people develop their freedom to do what is loving, leading to wonder at God who created this gift within people.

  • Gifted by the Spirit - It examines the Catholic meaning of conscience and the human experience of using conscience in decision-making.

  • No Greater Love - Study examples of heroic love leading to wonder at God the creator of this heroic love.

  • Spirit of Truth - This unit explores the human gift of learning. This gift enables people to discover truth about the world and the truth of the Catholic faith.

  • We wonder we Praise - Study the forces of the universe and the wonder and awe that such forces generate. This often leads to questions about its Creator.

Year Eight

  • Belonging and Acceptance in Catholic Communities -Understanding that God created in human beings the need to belong or feel accepted.

  • The Universal need for God - Understanding the human need for God. God wants all people to have a rich personal relationship with their creator.

  • Creation God’s Original Plan - This unit focuses on the human heart question: How should human beings relate with Creation?

  • Growing in the image of God - Examines God’s original purpose for the human body and answering the human heart question: What is the purpose of my body?

Year Nine

  • The Human Search for Truth - Explore the human need to ask questions, especially human heart questions.

  • People grow stronger Spiritually - Students should have a greater understanding of human spirituality and ways that Christian spirituality builds upon this.

  • People can achieve emotional peace - This unit focuses on the human heart question: How can I learn to choose to appropriately direct my emotions and find emotional peace?

  • Christian Love and Sexuality - Students will gain an understanding of Christian sexuality.