Religious Education: Years 10-12

Year Ten
The Religious Education programme in Year Ten aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in the appreciation of Christ’s message. They begin to explore increasingly complex religious and social issues and gain the necessary skills to help them find the meaning of what it means to be a Christian. The curriculum is based on the Perth Archdiocesan guidelines published by the Catholic Education Office. Students complete a number of units (vocation, freedom, justice and conscience) throughout the year which provides a strong foundation for the Year Eleven and Twelve Religion and Life course.

Year Eleven and Twelve
In Years Eleven and Twelve, students undertake the Religion and Life course of study. The central focus of the course explores how and why individuals and communities relate to, and understand religion. The students will explore particular religious worldviews and investigate characteristics of religions, their origins, foundations, cultural influences and development over time. They also analyse the role religion has played in human affairs and considers the challenges and opportunities religions face in the future. There are two pathways available to students: General and ATAR

Year Eleven General
Year Eleven students, who undertake General units will focus on religion as a human activity, as students explore experiences that lead people to look for meaning an purpose in the lives and the types of questions people ask about life, its meaning and purpose. It also examines the characteristics of religion. In Semester Two, the unit focus shifts to the role religion plays in society, where students will investigate a variety of issues people face in their lives and the responses and solutions offered by the Catholic Church, including an expression of concern for justice and social justice in the world.

Year Eleven ATAR
Students undertaking ATAR Religion and Life units in Year Eleven, begin with a focus on the place of religion in society. It examines the responses of religion to their concerns, needs and questions. In Semester Two, students focus on religious identity and purpose, investigating how religion shapes, forms and supports people in life. The unit also examines how religion impacts on, and interacts with, groups in society.

Year Twelve General
Year Twelve students continuing with the General Religion and life will focus on the role religion plays in the lives of people. It explores how people interact with and respond to religion. In Semester Two, the focus of this unit is religious identity. It examines in more detail the influence of religion on people and how religious people interact with society.

Year Twelve ATAR
Students who undertake ATAR units in Year Twelve begin by focusing on the connection between past and present experiences of religion. Students analyse the impact of changes within society and how these changes shape the way individuals and groups interact with religion. In Semester Two, the students investigate the interplay between religion and life. Students explore how religion responds to, and interacts with, issues that arise within society.

The Religion and Life course aims to develop student’s knowledge and understanding of Religion, with a specific focus on the Catholic Church, as well as their analytical, interpretive, research and writing skills.