St Brigid College offers two languages, Italian and Japanese. As an IB College all students in PYP and MYP learn a language. In the Junior school Italian is offered for all year groups and Japanese in Years 5 and 6. Italian or Japanese is studied by all students in the MYP program. Currently Italian WACE courses are running in Year 11 and 12 and Japanese in Year 11.

Language and culture

Language Study Tours are the ultimate experience in language learning, giving students the opportunity to experience language and culture of the language of study in an authentic context.

The experience allows students to develop their language skills and to gain a valuable insight into the culture of the language being studied. This exposure greatly enhances the students’ language acquisition and cultural understandings and promote open mindedness and a global outlook

At St Brigid’s students have the opportunity to participate in various language exchanges.

The ItalyStudy Tour is offered every two years. It includes home/school stay and cultural touring components. While at school, students attend classes with their host students and go on tours within the region. Following this exchange component there is a cultural tour where students visit other well- known cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome.

The Exchange is of a reciprocal nature and St Brigid’s College hosts a group of Italian students the following year.

Exchange students from our sister school, Wayo Kondai High School in Japan are hosted by families of the College community for a period of two weeks The students who host have a great opportunity to enhance their Japanese language skills and develop a wonderful relationship with a Japanese student.

Bringing authentic culture and language to life in the language classroom!

The Italian and Japanese students at the College are fortunate in having language assistants from Italy and Japan present in the classroom and sharing first hand their language and providing an insight into their culture, especially the teenage reality.

These young people make a significant contribution to the study of languages and enhance the learning experience for the girls and pass on to them the values of Italian and Japanese culture and traditions.

Cultural immersion

Students are involved in a variety of cultural immersion activities ranging from discovering the Italian influence in the city of Perth, restaurant and opera outings, puppet theatre, Japanese Taiko Concert and cooking demonstrations and culinary experiences within the classroom which allow them to experience aspects of the culture that add to language learning dimensions of cultural experiences and enhance cultural understandings