Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education Department are a passionate and enthusiastic team. We have developed the PYP, MYP and WACE programs to allow our students to strive for personal improvement as well the ability to work effectively in a team sport. We highly encourage each student to apply themselves to the best of their ability in every learning opportunity. The students have many avenues to succeed throughout the year in a range of contexts, and enjoy the diverse programmes that are on offer. The programmes allow for differentiation to occur, therefore students from novice to elite are constantly challenged to allow for continual improvement and development. We highly encourage the students to become actively involved in the extensive co-curricular activities offered here at the College.

Kindergarten – Year 2
This programme consists of an introduction to Perceptual Motor Skills, basic body management and movement, basic swimming stroke technique and fundamental game skills.

Years 3 –5
The Junior Years Programme consists of an introduction to invasion ball games and their associated skills and strategies. Reinforced learning of individual skills in sports such as athletics or swimming and developing basic co-ordination, fitness and strength base for use in later years.

Years 6 - 10
The Middle Years Programme consists of a variety of team and individual sports focusing on skill development, personal fitness and being a cohesive team player.  Students are also introduced to skill based sports such as swimming, volleyball, touch rugby, badminton and gymnastics. These programs are designed to enhance their individual performance skills from basic to complex settings. 

Years 11 - 12
The Senior Years Programme consists of the WACE Physical Education Course of Study and TAFE certification in Sport and Recreation and Outdoor Education. Students who select these courses, focus on developing a high skill level in both theoretical and practical components.