High levels of literacy are important if all students are to reach their potential. The College has adopted the nationally recognised K-12 literacy strategy for Catholic Schools in WA and has become a leader in the implementation of a range of RAISe teaching, learning and assessment practices, enabling students to develop to their full potential.

Regular analyses of student outcomes, which include Observation Surveys and standardised tests along with national benchmark testing, reveal remarkable student progress, especially in the early learning years.

In the Junior school, an integrated Literacy programme is used, catering for the differentiation of individual abilities in the classroom.  A literacy support programme is run to cater for those students who have been identified as needing extra support in the area of Literacy.

In Years Six to Ten, English is taught as Language and Literature in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.  The teaching and learning of Language and Literature is compulsory in each year of the programme and leads to a close understanding of the fundamental concepts of the MYP:

  • Holistic learning

  • Intercultural awareness

  • Communication

In Years Eleven and Twelve, students are offered School Curriculum and Standards Authority courses at a variety of stages.

We recognise that students’ language development is a continuous process and ensure that the scope and sequence of our courses build on existing skills and experiences of life. English courses at St Brigid’s are designed to offer a rich foundation in language from which to explore communication, culture and ways of thinking. Students are offered a challenging and stimulating range of language experiences using written, spoken and visual texts. They learn to create texts of their own and to critically engage with those produced by others. Strong emphasis is placed on student-centred learning, integrating curriculum with other learning areas and encouraging students to use the latest technology in their learning experiences.