The Arts
Encompassing Dance, Drama, Media, Music and the Visual Arts; the St Brigid’s College Arts Faculty works to create an exciting range of learning pathways. Well resourced courses are available in all disciplines allowing students creative opportunities many would envy. Specialist venues are provided for all of the Arts enabling students’ access to up to date Arts technologies and equipment, including a specialist dance studio, dark room, digital lighting, sound and video editing technologies and ceramic and glass kilns.

By providing sequential learning pathways in each Arts discipline we strive to give the breadth and depth needed to springboard into the substantial career and employment opportunities that exist for Arts based students.

Junior School Arts
At St Brigid's College a student’s arts based learning experience commences with specialist music classes in Kindergarten and through creative and imaginative play to generate art works.  In early childhood, we value the use of sensory experiences that allow children to make and experiment with art forms. As students progress through Primary they are exposed to range of Arts based experiences including professional incursions from theatrical and musical groups. Students can also access specialist tutors, instrumental and choral ensembles should they show an interest or an aptitude for music.

Middle School Arts
The IBMYP has the Arts embedded in the programme. This means that every student will be participate in Visual (Visual Art and Media) and the Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music) based subjects. To further enhance our core activities students are exposed to a host of co-curricular experiences including visits for performers and artists, excursions to productions and professional workshops.

Senior School Arts
Arts students in the senior school have all selected to specialise a chosen field or fields and are able to access tertiary entrance based subjects. Extensive opportunities to work with professional artists in both the performing and visual arts are provided. Depending on student need and demand, we provide specialist dance, drama, music and visual workshops. Core to our senior programme is the opportunity to perform or exhibit work in public and community events or venues. Consequently, students are able to see first hand the range of possibilities and standards that exist outside of the College.