IBPYP - Essential Elements: Action


Action involves asking ourselves the question, how do we want students to act? When the process of inquiry is carried out effectively the students will be extended beyond the classroom. The attitudes, that are also an essential element of the PYP, will combine to promote student initiated action.
Action in the PYP will obviously be age appropriate. It can be service carried out to peers, families or friends; it can occur within or outside of school. In fact, the majority of action will not necessarily be witnessed by the classroom teacher, but often happens outside of school hours. When this occurs parents are invited to inform the class teacher.
Action is an essential element of the PYP as it helps students to develop personal and social skills. Problem solving, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills are all enhanced by action service.
Action also allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the Learner Profile and the attitudes that are promoted in a PYP classroom.
Student initiated action is cyclical. During a unit of inquiry, students will be reflecting on their new knowledge, they may choose how they could help and then will act in some way. 


Effective action:

  • Should be modelled by adults in the school community

  • Should be voluntary

  • Is best grounded in student’s concrete experiences

  • Is most beneficial to the students when they are able to witness the outcomes

  • Usually begins in a small way from genuine concern and commitment

  • Should include anticipation of consequences, and accepting of responsibility

  • May require appropriate adult support in order to facilitate students’’ efforts and to provide them with alternative choices

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