IBMYP - The Learner Profile

Learner Profile Attributes






  • Naturally curious and enjoys learning about the world


  • Can conduct research


  • Loves learning & discovering new things








  • Learns about ideas & issues that are local & global



  • Understands what they learn & can use this information in their life









  • Thinks critically & creatively


  • Solves problems and makes good decisions









  • Expresses ideas & information confidently and creatively



  • Enjoys working with others and works well as part of a group








  • Is fair, honest and respects others


  • Takes responsibility for choices & accepts the consequences of their actions











  • Learns about their culture and history



  • Knows that people are different and may do different things



  • Thinks about other people’s point of view and tries to understand others










  • Tries to understand and respect the needs and feelings of others



  • Chooses to make a difference for other people and the environment











  • Keeps their body healthy


  • Learns and thinks to keep their mind healthy


  • Expresses their emotions, has fun, thinks positively


  • Nurtures relationships to keep their spirit healthy


  • Understands that balance is important for everyone








  • Has the courage to try new things


  • Tries to solve problems in a lot of ways


  • Tells people what they think is right







  • Thinks about what they are learning


  • Knows what they are good at and what they are not so good at


  • Tries to think about these things and makes changes when they can


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