The Science Learning Area offers a wide range of enrichment activities.  These help students see a wider range of applications of science, feed their passion for the subject and allow them to enjoy Science in a different situation.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions throughout the year.  These are offered to allow students to experience and become familiar with these types of competitions as well as allow us to recognize students for their skills in Science.

  • Science Competition – This is a national competition that all Year Seven and Eight students sit as well as selected students in Years Nine to Year Eleven students.

  • Chemistry Competition – A national competition run by the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute that all Year Eleven and Twelve Chemistry students sit, as well as selected Year Nine and Ten students.

  • Olympiad Qualifier Exam – This is a very difficult exam which is used to select the top students in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Australia.  Five students in Year Eleven for each of these subjects are selected to sit the relevant papers.

  • Brain Bee – This is a national competition about how the brain works.  Selected Year Ten students participate in this competition.

  • Titration Stakes – this is a practical competition run at Curtin University offered to Chemistry students.

Clubs and Revision Preparation
Clubs are formed at different times to cater for the needs of the students at the time.  These include:

  • Human Biology Club - runs weekly throughout the year for Year 11 and 12 Students.  It is an opportunity for students to seek extra assistance, work on assessments and undertake additional preparation for exams.

  • Chemistry Club – An initiative of the Year Twelve Chemistry students, students meet regularly at lunch time to increase their preparation for their TEE exam by discussing questions from past papers.

  • Chemistry Revision Day - Prior to the Semester 2 exams, the Year 12 Chemistry students have the opportunity to spend a day together in a relaxed atmosphere to revise the work covered throughout the year, ask questions and work collaboratively.  The students have found that it is a very valuable day and helps them in their study program.  It is also a great way for the Chemistry students to spend some time together and support one another during a time that can be quite stressful.

  • Human Biology Exam Preparation - In the lead up to the Semester 2 exams a series of tutorials are run after school for the Year 12 Students.  These revise the work covered during the year allowing the students the additional revision, an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the work and seek additional assistance.  The students appreciate this extra support provided by the teachers, and find it a valuable experience.

Camps and Conferences
Various camps and conferences are promoted to cater for a variety of areas of Science.  These are advertised through relevant channels, and teachers are able to assist students with their application.  Some of those offered are:

  • National Science Youth Forum – This is a Rotary sponsored forum traditionally run in Canberra with a Perth session starting in 2010.  Students are selected through an interview process.  Following the forum some students are selected to go on as supervisors in future sessions and have the opportunity to attend trips to places such as Russia.

  • Mining and Engineering Camps – there are a number of camps offered related to mining and engineering.  These are typically run through the school holidays and allow students to experience some aspects of these careers.

  • Seimens Science Experience – this is a 3 day programme for Year Nine students going into Year Ten.  It is designed for students with an interest in science to experience a wide range of activities and interact with like minded students.

Science Week
During Science Week there are a range of activities offered to supplement class teaching.  These include Homeroom quizzes, Junior School classes visiting Middle/Senior School classes and demonstrations at College Assemblies.