Students are provided with the opportunity to join an Interschool Debating team from Years 7 through to 12 and the girls are given the opportunity to compete against other Colleges in the Western Australian Debating League Competition. Debating teaches students invaluable life skills, such as the ability to effectively communicate with both their peers and adults. Further, students learn to listen attentively and respond to others appropriately. These skills assist students both academically, as they can be applied across subject areas, and socially in terms of the development of their relationships with others.

Students learn to develop skills such as:

  • Articulating their opinions

  • Identifying and developing arguments

  • Structuring arguments

  • Using language to achieve a purpose

  • Constructing formal speeches

  • Using voice and body language to articulate arguments

  • Researching, statistics, facts, opinions

  • Organising information

  • Team work

Debating also allows students to become aware of issues of controversy or social interest. They are encouraged to engage with media texts such as newspapers and news reports to raise their awareness of current affairs.

Students also have the opportunity to represent their House in the Interhouse Debating Competition held during the Enrichment period.