Arts Enrichment

The Arts Learning Area is committed to providing an enriching extension programme that allows students to participate in performance and exhibition events. We also place a strong emphasis upon Arts students experiencing professional Arts events. Outside of normal College hours, students have a range opportunities to further explore the Arts.

These opportunities have included:

  • Dance and Classical Dance Troupes

  • Drama Club

  • Art Club

  • Choirs

  • Instrumental Ensembles and Tutors

  • Professional Workshops: Dance Choreographers, Actors, Designers, Musicians and Artists.

  • Professional Incursions and Excursions have included: Festival of Perth, WASO, Black Swan, Barking Gecko, Steps and Buzz Dance, WA Opera. Australian Theatre of the Deaf. (See our Annual Arts Calendar for an up to date list of each year’s events)

Students are also given multiple opportunities to perform or exhibit their own work. These opportunities allow students to experience first hand the real life application of the skills they have learnt.

These opportunities have included:

  • Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival

  • The Children Sing Festival

  • Interhouse Arts week competitions

  • Theatrical productions

  • Senior Drama Originals Night

  • Dance Night

  • Choreographic Night

  • College Exhibition

  • Angelico Exhibition

  • Media Original Film Night

  • College Christmas Carols

  • Liturgical events

  • Cultural Festival

  • Arts Night

  • Music Soirees