Uniform Requirements

College Uniform

The uniform is a sign of identity with the College and should be worn with pride. Each student is expected to be properly dressed in full uniform while at the College, travelling to and from the College and when representing the College at external functions. There is a Uniform Code for the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.


• Gold Club Shirt with printing on back
• Shorts Black with Gold & Green Stripe
• College Track Suit Black With Gold & Green Stripes
• Gold Socks with green stripe
• Hair Accessories Green or Gold
• Bucket hat with students name embroidered on back.


Kindergarten and Pre-Primary

Students must wear the yellow and green bucket hat
Kindergarten and Pre-primary students wear the College sports uniform all year round
• Gold Club Shirt
• House Shirt
• Shorts Black with Gold & Green Stripe
• College Track Suit Black With Gold & Green Stripes
• Gold Socks with green stripe
• Hair Accessories Green or Gold
• Bucket hat

Years One – Six

• Bucket hat or Cap


• Summer uniform tartan dress and green socks with gold stripes.

• Plain black leather lace up shoes with black eyelets (no platforms, wedges or heels, straps or buckles)

• Bottle green and gold trim socks


• Grey shorts and grey shirt

• Bottle green and gold trim socks

• Plain black leather lace up shoes with black eyelets

Winter uniform

• Buttercup blouse with College crest on pocket

• Add bottle green jumper and College tie.

• Girls – black opaque tights NO socks

• Boys – long trousers

• Bottle green parka (optional)



Years 7 to 11 - SUMMER UNIFORM - Term One and Four

Tartan dress (Years Seven to Eleven)

  • Green socks with gold trim

  • Plain black leather lace up shoes with black eyelets (no platforms, canvas, wedges or heels, straps, flats/ballet slippers or buckles). No canvas shoes to be worn for PE.

  • The College boater – it is compulsory that the boater be worn by the girls to and from school in Terms 1 and 4.

  • The blazer is not compulsory during the summer months but, with the tie, is part of the official uniform for all formal occasions. 

  • The College blazer must be worn to and from the College during Terms 2 and 3.

  • All students may wear their College jumper over their summer uniform in Terms 1 and 4 if required for warmth, but only at the College.

  • All students must wear either the boater or sports hat when in the College grounds at recess and lunch.

The summer uniform is worn during Terms One and Four


Year 12 - SUMMER UNIFORM - Term One and Four

  • White blouse

  • Tartan skirt

  • White socks

  • Boater

  • White hair accessories


Years 7 to 12 – WINTER UNIFROM - Terms Two and Three

  • Buttercup blouse, with College crest on pocket (Years Seven to Eleven) and white blouse (Year Twelve)

  • Tartan skirt

  • The College blazer (to be worn to and from school, until recess and to all College Assemblies)

  • Year Twelve students will have braiding added to their blazer

  • College tie

  • College jumper is optional for warmth under the blazer at any time

  • Black stockings (70 Denier opaques) NOT socks.  Stockings must not contain holes or ladders.

  • College Scarf (Optional)

  • College gloves (Optional)

The winter uniform is worn during Terms Two and Three

Please note - The skirt must be knee length and bras or undergarments MUST be white or flesh coloured only.  Undergarments are not to protrude from the College uniform.   All items of clothing are to be clearly labelled


Sports Uniform

All students are required to wear the official St Brigid’s Physical Educational uniform which consists of:

College top

Gold club shirt with bottle green stripe on collar and embroidered College motif

House top

House coloured shirt with house emblem


Black with Gold & Green stripe


Gold with green stripe


The College bucket hat or cap must be worn by students during outdoor activities and may replace the boater during break times when the student is in the sun.


Track Shoes any colour with non-marking soles


College Track Suit Black With Gold & Green Stripes


Black lycra with gold and green stripe across the back

Swim cap

House colours

Sports bag

Bottle green Holdall with crested front


Students are expected to be well groomed at all times.  Shoulder length and longer hair must be tied back at all times.  Boys’ hair is to be off the collar and cut above the ears and eyes.  Hair must be kept off the face and not restrict clear vision.  Hair ties must be yellow or green and white (for Year Twelve only).  Hair tints and extreme hair styles are not permitted - colouring of hair in natural hair shades and styles (when in doubt, check with your class teacher/Year Team Leader BEFORE colouring your hair).


The students are permitted to wear the following items of jewellery -

  • A wrist watch

  • A maximum of two pair of matching earrings – sleepers or studs only (two per ear to be worn in the lobe of the ear).  Earrings should be small in size and either silver or gold in colour.

  • One gold or silver fine chain necklace may be worn inside clothing

  • One plain ring

  • Apart from Medic Alert bracelets, or a bracelet with religious/cultural significance, no other bracelets are permitted, unless permission granted from the appropriate Year Team Leader.

  • Other body piercing and tattoos that are in view are not permitted (tongue studs are not to be worn at school)


Make-up and nail polish are not permitted


  • School Bag – bottle green back pack with College crest

  • Students cycling to and from school are to wear a helmet and these should be stored in the student’s locker during the day

  • An apron is required for Food Technology classes

  • Black leather school shoes must be worn for all Textile and Food Technology classes.

  • Protective clothing is required for Art classes

  • All items of the school Uniform Code must be clearly labelled

Purchase of Uniforms

School uniform requirements are available from St Brigid’s College Uniform Shop.  Telephone (08) 9290 4276.    Second-hand uniforms may also be purchased from the Uniform Shop.  Trading hours are currently 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm on Mondays and 8.30 am to 4.00 pm on Wednesdays.  Parents wishing to make purchases prior to the commencement of the school year may obtain information on extended trading times through the Secondary School Office.

Music Uniform

Students in the Concert Band, Performing Choir or Jazz Band will wear a uniform consisting of -

Concert Dress                 TBA
Jazz Outfit                        Black trousers, white long sleeved shirt, tartan vest and tartan or school tie
Shoes                                Black medium heeled court shoes



Exactly how long should my dress or skirt be?
Skirts must cover the knee when standing.

Does my tie need to be done up properly all the time?
Shirt top buttons should be fastened and ties pulled up at all times.

I am cold in the mornings, which do I wear, my blazer or jumper?
Blazers must me worn to and from school during Terms Two and Three.  They must be worn as students leave the school grounds and when they arrive in the morning.  Blazers are also compulsory in Homeroom and are to be worn to classes until recess time.  In addition, they are compulsory at all full school assemblies.  Jumpers are an addition to the uniform, if you get hot during the day, you are to remove your jumper and wear your blazer (not the other way around!).  During Terms One and Four, you may wear the College jumper over their summer uniform if required for warmth, but only at the College.

Can I wear singlets underneath my uniform?
Singlets that show below jumpers are not allowed, these should be tucked in neatly into your skirt.  Singlets are not to show through the blouse and should be either white or skin tone.

I have Physical Education today, can I wear my College jumper instead of my tracksuit?
Green College jumpers or yellow fleecy tops are not to be worn as a replacement for the tracksuit top.

I know I need to wear my hair up, but what sort of hair ties do I use?
Hair ties must be yellow or darkish (not fluoro colours) green (and white for Year Twelve students).  Hair elastics that blend with hair colour (brown/ black etc) are also able to be worn.

I am thinking of colouring my hair, what colours can I choose?
Many students have the ‘blonde-brown’ sun streaked look, which is okay as long as it is kept tidy  However, very noticeable ‘chunks’ of dyed hair are not acceptable.  Students should have a natural looking hair colour.

Well what about my footwear?
Black lace up shoes are to be worn, slip-on shoes, canvas  or buckles are not permitted to be worn.  .

I was given a bracelet for my birthday can I wear it to school?
No bracelets can be worn except medic alert bracelets or bracelets that students never remove due to a strong religious or cultural conviction.  In this case, parents must provide a letter of explanation to the school, and discuss the matter with a Year Team Leader.  In terms of other jewellery students can wear two sets of small studs or sleepers in the bottom of the ear lobe.  Large ‘diamond’, ‘pearl’ or coloured earrings are not permitted as part of the uniform., they do not count as studs.  Only one plain ring is allowed.

What shoes do I wear in cooking classes?
Black lace up shoes must be worn during cooking classes.