Friends of St Brigid's College

The Friends of St Brigid’s encompasses the wider Community of the College and enables its members to maintain an ongoing link with one another and the College. The association comprises ex-students (alumni), ex-parents and grandparents, ex-staff, the Sisters of Mercy, our Scholarship Donors and local Community. Sister Beverley Stott, Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Mercy West Perth is the Patron of the Friends.

The association was established in 2003, initially to raise funds for the design and refurbishment of the Heritage Chapel. The wider St Brigid’s community members were later invited to join the Friends and there was a strong interest from many past students and community members. Subsequently the ‘Friends Committee’ was developed and co-ordinates membership, recruitment, Friends projects and functions. The Committee is chaired by ex-student and ex-Board member Jenny Lewis, who is keen to expand the committee with enthusiastic individuals. Please contact the Community Relations Office if you would like to be involved.

To join the Friends of St Brigid’s there is an annual membership fee of $15 with optional payment methods available. Friends are also invited to make tax-deductible donations. Donations have been used for projects such as the Heritage Chapel and the Grotto Facelift. Please click here for the PDF Application Form.

Membership also entitles you to access the College's Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre. Facility usage rates for members for entry and lessons is the same as those enjoyed by current College community members.

Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre Opening Hours

Mon-Fri - 5:30am to 10am
Sat - 6am to 12am
Sun - 8am to 10am

Mon - 3pm to 7:45pm
Tues - 3pm to 6:45p
Wed - 3pm to 5:45pm
Thurs - 3pm to 7:45pm
Frid - 3pm to 5pm

Please see the main webpage for our swimming programs or call 9290 4220 for more information.

The words from Distant Voices, which was recited at the rededication of the Heritage Chapel, capture the essence of the Friends mission.

Distant voices
Quiet murmuring
And fragments of prayer
Beckoning us back,
Easing us forward.
Mercy unfolds behind us
And before us.
Mercy reaches through the ages.
Stepping out of history
Shaping who we might be,
Prompting what we could be,
Defining who we are.