Life as a Boarding Student

St Brigid’s College caters for up to 170 boarding students between Years 7 and 12 from all areas of Western Australia and Overseas.

The girls form wonderfully lifelong friendships beginning with supporting each other in their transition to boarding. Girls are assisted in this transition through the provision of experiences which enable them to develop self esteem, competency and self-sufficiency.

Boarding students are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and to live harmoniously with their peers. A lively social and co-curricular programme keeps the girls busy and active and promotes effective adjustment to their new lifestyle, in a caring atmosphere which encourages parent involvement.

Boarding Facilities

The Boarding House at St Brigid’s College provides a caring and comfortable ‘home away from home’ for girls from all parts of Western Australia including remote Aboriginal communities and overseas.

Veronica, Teresa, Catherine and Mercy Houses are built around a central courtyard with different Year levels accommodated in each House. Paula House and Lesmurdie House provide our Senior students with a unique independent living environment. Each House has a kitchen/lounge room for rest and recreation, a computer room, bathrooms and a laundry. Each girl is provided with a single bedroom/private study area with computer access or independent living arrangements for the Senior students. Dedicated House Mothers care for the girls in each House, providing a safe and nurturing living space. House Mothers work closely with parents to support and encourage the girls in all their endeavours.

There is an activities room which is common to all the houses and this provides the girls with a pool table, table tennis and a wonderful large flat screen television for recreational use.

The boarding section has access to the College’s information technology network and students use the facilities in the evenings and at weekends. The Sr Mary Rose indoor pool and fitness centre provides a refreshing splash for the girls on weekends and after school. A personal trainer in the fitness centre tailors a fitness programme suited to the girls needs.

Boarders also enjoy extensive sporting and music involvement.

An eight bed sick bay is available for the girls when they are unwell where the girls are cared for by a carer during the day.

For more details about Boarding, please contact the Head of Boarding on 9290 4235 or email

A Day in the Life of a Boarder


Breakfast available in the’ individual houses (Lesmurdie and Paula House Boarders) Breakfast in Dining Room for all other boarders.


Stroll down the hill to school


The school day begins




Afternoon tea available in individual houses


Dinner in Dining room


House Prayers


Study - Senior students work on past 8.30pm at their own pace




Bed time for junior boarders